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On May 19, the Mickey clan (40+),met in H'burg area for a celebration of Uncle Wes' life. he died about two months ago. We had a grand lunch at Holiday Inn,Grantville,about a mile from the Penn National race Track.
Uncle Wes had race horses for many years. We went to the track in the evening to see the races while having dinner at the track. Uncle Wes' son Joe trains a horse that belongs to Aunt Betsy,Uncle Wes' widow. Joe Mickey,their son is the trainer if their horse Baderascanbe. We watched 9 races. In the 9th race, Baderascanbe was entered. We all bet on her in honor of Uncle Wes. SHE WON BY A NOSE!!!!
The end of a perfect time of remembrance of a wonderful member of the Mickey clan.

Max Mickey

Oh, Uncle Wes…I long to see your face,
For when you smile, we see you are filled with loving grace.
Now glad that I wrote a story that I will remember…….
Most of all, I remember your face so kind and tender.

When I came to your house, you gave me candy…..
I would say, "Oh thanks, but you don't have to…"
and he would say,
" Non sense, what's mine, is yours, is ours."

Oh Uncle Wes…I miss you so.
I wish I knew what your last thoughts were….
For that is a tale I will never know.

When you look down, you will see how much you were loved…
and we still continue loving you, when we pray up above.

Oh Uncle Wes…I long to see your face…….
But in my heart I will still keep,
that bright and loving grace.

written for Wes Mickey by

Hannah Rae Miller (age 10)

and read aloud at the Memorial Service May 19, 2001

Wes in some old pictures. Betsy at the luncheon.

After service in Coast Guard

w/young Sue & Joe

w/young Sue & Joe

Pete, Betsy, Jeanne, Alice

Visiting with family and friends at the local hotel.

Too numerous to name

Scott, Alice, J Clark, Anne

Carol, Terry, Roma Jo, Jan

Jim & Ray recognizable

Maxie & Hannah

Max & Keith Jr.

David, Ray & Jim

Roma Jo & Jan & ??

Scott, Percy & Polly

Barby, Pete & Max

Finished the day off with a trip to the racetrack.

Jeanne & David

Jeanne & David

Keith, Pete, & Laurie

Keith, Pete, & Laurie

Signatures at the luncheon